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2023 Jog-a-Thon

2023 CCA  ANNUAL  Jog-a-Thon

Friday, oct. 6 - Monadnock Park, Claremont

CCA Students raised pledges for the One-Hour that they walked or ran.


This annual whole-school event raises money to help keep tuition low and to provide financial aid grants to students.

Last year's Jog-a-Thon raised $22,000.


When ALL the pledges and envelopes were in 

the total ended at $30,607.03 ! ! !



Thank you to the students, friends and families that worked to make  Jogathon  a  h-u-g-e  success!!!


The philosophy of development that guides our efforts in raising support and appropriating gifts and donations is as follows:

       Maintaining affordable tuition
       Development of a tuition assistance endowment
       Providing equitable salaries and benefits to our staff
       Improving the facilities
       Maintaining a balanced budget

Periodic fundraising activities are sponsored by the school or individual classes or groups.  All such activities must be approved by and coordinated through the administration.


CCA traditionally has three major fundraisers: 

       the Fall Jog-a-thon in October 

       the Spring Dessert Social/Student Art Auction

       the Golf Tournament in June


Your  help and support is much appreciated!

Fundraising Informaton Request