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NH Education Scholarships

New Hampshire has provided funds for scholarship aid to allow School Choice for New Hampshire families and students that fall under the federal low income level to choose private education.  These are through the NH Child Scholarship Fund.
The three funds are the: NH Child Scholarship Fund, NH Education Tax Credit Scholarship, and the NH Education Freedom Account.
The deadline for applying for the NH Child Scholarship Fund and NH Education Tax Credit Scholarship is May 5.  FACTS FINANCIAL should be completed for income verification prior.
Additionally CCA has provided Tuition Grants to families that FACTS demonstrates needed aid.  Tuition Grants are a secondary source of financial aid.


THE NH Education Freedom Account (EFA) has a deadline for applying of July 17.  HOWEVER  , the income threshold of being at or below 300% of Federal Poverty guidelines must be verified by EFA and this often takes two weeks or more.  It is best to submit your application to NH EFA in late June to have verification completed in time.