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CCA believes that any family that wishes to send children to Claremont Christian Academy should be able to. CCA uses FACTS Management for Financial Aid.  The FACTS Grant and Aid Assessment program will provide us with excellent information which is then verified with supporting documentation. Again this year, we will utilize an all-online process to apply for financial aid.
FACTS FINANCIAL'S online process securely stores information, guides you step by step through the process, and has an introductory video to help you complete the application. 
FACTS Grant & Aid Assessment : 
We believe in the power of private education, and want the families in our community to have access to it. Of course, some of those students and their families will need tuition assistance. That means we at CCA need an accurate, unbiased way of determining which students receive awards and how much each of those awards should total.
FACTS FINANCIAL collects all necessary data — including tax, financial, and personally identifiable information — to save you time and minimize your security risks.  Income eligibility criteria is included for many state tax credit programs.
Families upload to FACTS tax and W-2 records to verify self-reported information. FACTS will follow up with families to gather any missing documentation. We at CCA analyze all data that suggests award amounts which families should receive aid. 
NH residents intending to apply for the NH Child Scholarship Fund scholarship must apply by May 5.  Financial information should be submitted to FACTS Financial in time for consideration.