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Field Trips

Field trips are a fun educational experience outside of the classroom.  From our own back yard hike to the NH State House, students in grades K-5 enjoy a wide range of field trips. Sometimes they enjoy a drama production at the Claremont Opera House, or they enjoy a tour of Fort #4 in Charlestown, NH. Students in the upper grades have been known to go on other educational trips such as going to Washington D.C., visiting Philadelphia or helping with mission trips. We also encourage college visits and have been known to bring our students on a few of those as well.

Nursing Home Visits

Sometimes, the best experience can be when we help others. And really, we are helping ourselves too! From the youngest of our students, to the oldest members of our community, we enjoy serving our local nursing home friends. Not only do we give our senior citizens some excitement and “pizzaz” to brighten up their day when we visit, but it gives some of our younger students that grandparent they never got to know. They play games, tell stories, and give gifts at Christmas time. Our nursing home visits have become widely popular among our older friends and it is such a joy to see the smiling faces of both the young and the old!

Winter Activities

When vitamin D is at it's lowest and the cold winter months seem so bleak, we combat the winter time blues with our winter activities! After returning from Christmas Break, our upper and lower schools participate in their own winter activities. The administrators, teachers, and staff members, as well as a few wonderful volunteers, get together to plan events each week, whether it be hiking, ice skating, skiing, sledding, crafting, or bowling. Its a fun moment during a single day each week during a 5 week period to lift the spirits of our students during a time that would normally be considered slow, boring, or dull. 

Education Outreach with Dawn Dextraze

Dawn Dextraze is a familiar face in our CCA community. As a local conservationist, Dawn is familiar with many of the area state forests and/or conservation lands. She is knowledgeable about local farms, and county programs, many of which serve the local communities. She is our go to volunteer when it comes to taking the kids outside the classroom. From our outdoor winter activities to our 4th grade School to Farm Day, Dawn brings a real outdoor experience to our classrooms and adds a breath of fresh air to our student's level of academia. The students always enjoy her outdoor adventures and so do we!


In early September the CCA high school holds an overnight retreat.  In the past two years this has been held at Camp Spofford.  Students stay in cabins and have group building activities, games, many different sports.  A chapel service is held and a guest speaker brings a challenge.  Last year Pastor Dave Golden spoke with Tim Frisch providing a time of worship in music.  This year Pastor Jeff Chandler spoke in Chapel and gave a follow up challenge at breakfast.  Tim Frisch again provided a great time of music and worship.
Prior to arriving at Camp Spofford the group went on a hike up historic Fall Mtn in North Walpole.
 Between the Soccer Games, Frisbee (what is with the HS and Frisbee??!), hitting (and missing) the Archery target, Low Ropes, Rock Climbing…  it was a great time of fun an getting to know each other.