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Creative Arts at CCA

CCA has a rich heritage in the Creative Arts as an integral part of the curriculum to expose and teach the arts - a necessary aspect of a well rounded education.
May of 2022 saw the school production of Fiddler on the Roof.  Most of the school was involved in this widely successful school project. Sets were constructed, costumes, production managing and then all the rehearsals brought the entire school together with this undertaking.
Last year during the fall and spring the middle school had a Chorus with Mr. Chandler directing. This year featured a high school Chorus in the fall.  A select group of the Chorus sang at a CCA Banquet for area Pastors and a select high school ensemble sang at the Dessert Social Fundraiser.
The recent spring Dessert Social Fundraiser was a student ART AUCTION and raised over $6000.  Students from all grades submitted artwork for the auction.  This was an amazing event and the crowd was wowed by the student artwork.
An art competition occurred in the fall to select a t-shirt design for the annual CCA Jog-a-thon. Hannah G. had her artwork selected, though many of ALL age groups participated.
CCA intends to encourage the arts whenever possible and to participate in area events.